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In September 2019 - March 2020 I was part of the new entertainment project starting in the Dominican Republic and later transferred to the Caribbean Island called Guadeloupe. A team of professional dancers were creating work and performing closely with a circus team.

I was involved in six different shows every week and multiple happenings to entertain the guests. In these shows, I was needed to learn and perform Cabaret, Disney theme, Breakin’, Contemporary and Commercial choreography. I was fortunate to learn from the circus team Flying trapeze, Spanish web, Static trapeze, and Juggling. 

In September 2017 I was part of an exciting project for Mick Jagger music video “Gotta Get A Grip”.


The video is set in an luxurious nightclub where extravagance and excess reach a point and explode into chaos. The message of this music video – “despite all those things that are happening, you gotta get on with your own life, be yourself and attempt to create your own destiny.” My character in this project was an aggressive and drunk late twenties male.  


“Gotta Get A Grip” was directed by Saam Farahmand, filmed by Black Sheep Studios and features Jemima Kirke of Girls fame as a cigarette-smoking leading character.

I was involved in a TV series called “OUTLANDER”. The story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened.

In this commercial project, I was hired as a dancer and had an opportunity to act in the background as a Brownsville man.

This series won nine different awards like the People's Choice Award for Favorite Bingeworthy Show in 2019 and was scored 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Without a Hitch follows the downward spiral of a 4 man b-boy crew as ambition, jealousy and frustration manifest in a group struggling to move in the same direction given a hitchcockian twist to create a world that is slightly off kilter. Without a Hitch was choreographed by Tony Mills and performed by Daniel Lowenstein, Pontus Linder, Joshua Smith and myself.


Expect plenty of dark comedy, powerful breakdancing and slick production from Room 2 Manoeuvre’s new hip hop dance theatre production.


This dance piece has been peculating for some time. R2M completed a 3 week residency in Oulu, Finland to re-connect with the work and take it further. Without a Hitch was performed in Oulu/Finland and was on tour in October/November 2017.


Press and reviews:

I was part of Dexter Fletcher’s British feature-length movie Sunshine on Leith as a dancer and background actor in the final scene.


This musical is about the power of love, home and family. It was adapted from the acclaimed stage musical by Stephen Greenhorn and featuring the music of The Proclaimers.


It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and boasts a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Originally created and performed by Tony Mills and Matt Foster (David Hughes Dance Productions), Box Fresh was re-developed with new dancers in 2014 and went on to be performed at the prestigious international dance platform, Tanzmesse in Dusseldorf, Germany. 


This dance piece is an expression of identity, strength, vulnerability and what it means to find your own path in a world full of expectations.


Room 2 Manoeuvre’s choreography combines hip hop, contemporary dance and physical Theatre. With Triple Threat I toured to 10 venues across United Kingdom. We also taught an extensive education programme alongside the performance.


International Box Fresh tour 2015. More Information to click below:





Press and reviews:



Scottish Dance theatre and Lia Rodrigues Dance Company collaborated in this project with the aim to improve the dance education system in Scotland by applying the teaching techniques elaborated in the Favelas/Mare. 

For a period of ten days, we had the pleasure to choreograph a contemporary dance piece which was performed at the end of the creative week for families and friends in Mare. 


Lias Rodrigues Dance company:

In partnership with NHS Tayside, I was delivering and touring the Well Good Project to 116 primary schools across Dundee, Perth & Kinross and Angus. Well Good explores smoking cessation and features a 20 minute performance called ‘Mixed Up’. 


Well Good tours daily during the academic year from October to June.


This dance piece was choreographed by Tomas Small. It was created for the Cashback project and was successfully toured in Dundee. MotorRotor was performed in different Offside Education schools and other venues in Dundee. Five professional dancers were involved in this piece.


Tomas Small used contemporary, breaking, salsa and locking for this dance piece.



“Fair Play” was made by choreographer Daniel Aing. His work is about exciting journey in rollercoaster park and games around this theme park through the movement.  


Daniel’s work includes 5 professional dancers and “ Cash Back’ students from Offsite education. Fair Play was shown in September 2016 at The Rep Theatre for 30th birthday of Scottish Dance Theatre and also will be presented in November 2016 for Great Big Dance show at the Rep theatre.  

The Big Draw Festival is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. The 2016 theme is The STEAM Powered Big Draw Festival. Bringing together Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Maths.


I had the pleasure to choreograph and perform with Giulia Montalbano at McManus Gallery during the Big Draw festival. This contemporary/breakin’ dance piece explores Dundee’s industrial heritage and create an experimental fusion between dance and machinery.

Press and reviews:

The Cashback for Communities programme is a unique Scottish Government programme created for young people at risk of turning to crime and anti-social behaviour, changing their lives through art. The Scottish Dance Theatre lead the project and want to build the success of previous Cashback projects, such as Dance on Dundee.


With Back to School being choreographed especially for this project I was in charge of 4 different Offside Education schools as a lead dance tutor. I taught the workshops which were designed to promote well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem to our students. 

In 2014/2017, I was part of the ASPIRE project for Rowantree Primary School, St. Vincent’s RC Primary School, ST Pius Primary School and Claypots Castle Primary School in Dundee. ASPIRE uses a range of cultural activities - including dance, drama and music - as an innovative way of tackling deprivation in some of the most disadvantaged areas in Dundee.

I started teaching in Latvia in 2009 for Stop Time dance studio. After a successful few years of teaching in Latvia I moved to the UK and started to teach for Funky Feet and Urban Moves dance companies. 


At this time, I was also teaching at the Rep Theatre for the Cashback project, Smallpetitklein dance company and the Julie Young dance company. For this period of time I learned how to work with different age groups: 2 years - 6 years, 7 years - 11 years and 11 years and up.  


I was also a performer/choreographer for the Olympic Torch Relay in Dundee.

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