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Oleg Kiricenko is a professional choreographer and dancer who has been based in Dundee (United Kingdom) for the past ten years. He has participated in various projects as a performer, choreographer and dance tutor for Smallpetitklein/Shaper Caper, Room 2 Manoeuvre, Scottish Dance Theatre and Leisure & Culture Dundee. Initially, Oleg was especially interested in the hip-hop culture, until he moved to Scotland at the age of nineteen. Therein, he had the opportunity to initiate his studies at “The Space”, where he discovered contemporary dance. He is currently interested in exploring the movement and flow between both dance styles, breaking and contemporary.


Additionally, he studied conducting and piano, providing him a strong musical background from very early childhood. As a teacher and role model, he has contributed to the development of B-Bairns, a non-profit organisation that aims to encourage both children and parents to express themselves through the dance. As part of hip-hop culture, he actively participates in dance competitions all over Europe to enrich his knowledge and strengthen the community.



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